Infraconstruct Ltd. could be your partner as a Contractor of feasibility studies; investment designs; engineering technical inspections; elaboration of town-planning schemes and cadasters; coordination of investment designs; and designers’ supervision over the execution of construction projects, related to: public works; reconstructions, rehabilitations and construction works of roads, streets and facilities; and all kinds of projects related to the engineering infrastructure, in urbanized and non-urbanized territories. The company’s main activities are as follows:
1. Feasibility studies for investments in infrastructure transport networks and facilities.
2. Engineering consultancy services;
3. Elaboration of designs for construction
4. Technical inspections, studies and tests for proving the operational state of various facilities;
5. Engineering expertise and standpoints.
6. Elaboration of designs related to traffic organization
7. Elaboration of designs related to temporary traffic organization and safety during construction and rehabilitation works.
8. Elaboration of general transport plans of cities.
9. Elaboration of communications and transport schemes and plans.
10. Detailed planning schemes and Town planning and building schemes elaboration.
11. Geodesic surveys
12. Landscaping and levelling.
13. Tracing plans.
14. Architectural designs.
15. Structural designs.
16. Designs of water supply and sewerage.
17. Electrical designs.
18. Technological designs.
19. Complex engineering design services.
20. Designer’s supervision services of the construction works
21. Construction supervision services. 

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