Ivo Gadzhov,

Eng. Gadzhov was born in the town of Pernik in 1982. He has graduated Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007, with master degrees in the following specialties: “Transport construction” and “Economics of the transport firm”. Eng. Gadzhov has founded Infraconstruct Ltd. in 2009 and is its manager now. Later, in 2010, he was appointed to the position of an assistant in the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Department of Transport Construction and Facilities. Eng. Gadzhov has been developing actively his skills in the fields of designing and construction of roads, railroads, streets and transport facilities.

The designers’ team behind the design elaboration process

A team of highly skilled, certified engineers will work on your design. Infraconstruct Ltd. has surveyors and structural engineers specialized in “Transport construction” field, and many hired specialists as well – designers of parts “Structural”, “Architecture”, “Landscaping”, “Geology”, “Electric supply and electric Equipment”, “Water Supply and Sewerage”, “HVAC”, “Gas Supply and Gas Distribution networks”, “Telecommunications” etc., who could elaborate small and large investment designs.

Engineers in the field of road design and geodesy

The leader of the designers’ team is a designer with 10 years of experience in the field of roads and 20 years of professional experience as a designer. Until now, our work has been related mainly with designing of new and rehabilitation of existing projects of the transport infrastructure - state, municipal and forest roads; streets; parkings; road connections; gas stations and other roadside service facilities; factory roads etc. Our team has considerable experience in the field of transport facilities design, i.e.: bridges, culverts, retaining walls, landslide stabilizations etc. In the recent years, in parallel with the increasing volume of work, the scope of services offered by Infraconstruct Ltd. became broader. Our business grew in three directions: designing of water and power engineering infrastructural projects; and architectural and structural designing as well. In response to the overall trends in our business, our company hired designers in the fields of water supply and sewerage engineering, electrical designers, structural engineers and architects. Every specialist of the design team has considerable experience in designing projects of his specialty. As a result, Infraconstruct Ltd. has achieved good results and has positive references from its clients.
The number of the staff of Infraconstruct Ltd. has increased triple in the recent two years.

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