Completed projects

  • Reconstruction of the Municipal Road Network in Tran Municipality
  • Urgent restoration works on the reconstruction of the bridge of Belichka river in Boben of Herakovo municipality Bojurishte
  • Reconstruction of the Municipal Road Network in Tran Municipality
  • Reconstruction of the Municipal Road Network in Tran Municipality
  • Reconstruction of a Municipal Sports Complex, Kovachevtsi Village, Kovachevtsi Municipality


Infraconstruct Ltd. has been founded in 2009 in the town of Pernik, Republic of Bulgaria. It has been registered as a design office at the CHAMBER OF ENGINEERS IN THE INVESTMENT DESIGN, under registration number № 00302ПБ.

Since the inception of our business and our entrance at the market, we have been offering the following to our clients: professional consulting services, honesty in the performance of our contractual obligations and high-quality design services, in order to ensure hassle-free implementation of their construction projects, without contingencies and unforeseeable circumstances. We are at your disposal, ready to elaborate your design with utmost attention to the details. Every investment intention is of interest to our staff. Protecting the rights and the interests of our clients is our primary obligation. We work in compliance with the applicable design codes and with the Bulgarian regulations, in order to provide the Employer with a design, which could be approved by the respective authorities. Due to the advantages of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, which has been implemented in our company since 2009, we offer quicker and more reliable design elaboration, monitoring and controlling our productivity and development. We invest in implementation of the latest technologies in our business. Safe and healthy labour conditions and pleasant working atmosphere are our top priorities.

Designing transport infrastructure

The main business of Infraconstruct Ltd. is designing transport infrastructure – mainly roads and streets. Our company has been doing business successfully since the beginning of 2009. Infraconstruct Ltd. has executed successfully 70 projects throughout the last 2 years (2014 and 2015), and more than 160 projects since its foundation till the present day. The overall length of the road infrastructure, designed by Infraconstruct Ltd., is 500 km. Rehabilitation and maintenance costs for roads of this length would amount BGN 150 million. Our company has considerable experience working on municipal infrastructure designs, elaborated for applications for financing from various Ministries, EU funds and programs. There are private companies and persons among our clients also.
The list of our clients isn’t infinite, but the Infraconstruct Ltd. team is proud of the work done and of the positive responses, expressed as references and as good appraisals of our customers.
Although Infraconstruct Ltd. was founded and developed in the times of a world economic crisis, taking into account the results achieved, we, the creators of this company do believe, that thanks to the indisputable quality of our services and the proper response to the needs of every client, we have succeeded to find the way of development of the company and to remain unharmed at the market.
Our clients consider Infraconstruct Ltd. as a trustworthy and reliable company of choice for elaboration of investment designs. The following references of our former Employers prove this.



The designers of the Infraconstruct Ltd. team are highly qualified, motivated, responsible and correct. This guarantees elaboration of designs of high quality, executed in the timeframe required by the Employer. Infraconstruct Ltd. specialists are available for consultations and keep constant contact with the Employer.

V. Stanimirov
Mayor of Kovachevtsi Municipality, Pernik Region.

We would like to express our conviction, that Infraconstruct Ltd. collaborates successfully and hassle-free in the area of the infrastructure design.
Eng. K. Mihaylova
Manager of „Idea М“ Ltd., Pernik

Infraconstruct Ltd. has executed the contracted works successfully, with perfect quality and in the shortest possible terms according to the contract.
Eng. An. Atanasov
Mayor, Lyubimets Municipality, Haskovo Region

…professionalism and quick adaptation of the team of designers, basing on their high skills, competency and good communication . . .
Asp. Asparuhov
Mayor of Bozhurishte Municipality, Sofia Region

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